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We are Millennials of Atlanta. It started out as something for us, but in reality, it became something for you and the thousands of millennials that have made Atlanta home. We realized that if we (and the extroverts that we are) were struggling to find friends here, surely other people were having the same problem. Unfortunately, we were right but we're kinda glad about it. Since 2018, we've hosted more than 100 events, signed up more than 8000 members, and been responsible for a few roommates, soulmates, and some babies too. Did we mention we did it all while helping you save money & giving back to our community?


Not sure who needs to hear this but yes – you have to actually put in some effort to make friends as an adult which isn't always easy, but that's what we're here for. We host a monthly social event that we're pretty sure you don't want to miss. Stop complaining that you're bored & attend an event.


If not us, then who? Community is everything and while we're glad to have built one, it's equally important that we give back to the city that we get to call home. That's why each quarter we partner with a local organization to leave Atlanta a little better than she was when we got here.


What if someone took all of your questions and answered them? Well, that's what we're here for. Adulting is already hard, so why not make it easier. Whether it be questions about food or finances, homes or getting help, businesses or babies, we'd like to help you learn a thing or two.


We know. But we're actually making fitness fun this year because we too may have gained some WFH weight. This is your chance to remind yourself to go after those gains (or losses) while exploring Atlanta, meeting new friends, and having people help hold you accountable.

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