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What happens when you give millennials access to free and low-cost events where they'll be able to meet like-minded people, have fun, learn something new, and grow as an individual? They win. That's why MoA was created. ​ In 2017, we realized we weren't the only millennials without friends or family members in the Metro-Atlanta area so she decided to do something about it.

Keeping in mind four specific focuses, we set out to work with local businesses and brands to create a community in which people could just take a break from their regular, hectic lives and actually meet each other while also giving back to the Metro-Atlanta community.

Millennials of Atlanta provides social experiences through our original mixers, fitness opportunities through group fitness classes, community service in the Atlanta area, panel-like events that encourage an active learning style, and small groups to help millennials get to know more about the area.
To assist our millennial community in being fiscally responsible, we have decided to make our memberships completely FREE through March 2021. Additionally, it's our mission to ensure the majority of our events are budget-friendly because let's face it, adulting is expensive.

Long story short, we're a community and want you to be a part of it.

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